Quintus Media GmbH was founded by Gerrit Kemming in March 2011. Ever since it follows one specific motto: "sapere aude!" – dare to use your own thoughts.

Quintus is a young media agency which dares not to close their eyes towards the fast paced evolution of the tv-industry. Instead we are passionate about it and are brave enough to have a vision – or even plenty of them – of how to utilize arising new opportunities in favor of our mandates and projects.

Equipped with many years of experience in the classical tv-market and a deep knowledge of the digital landscape Quintus is a specialist in interfacing the two worlds with each other and recreating an innovative, extremely strong area of business.

Two core areas define our daily business activities:

  • international tv distribution learn more about this section under "distribution"
  • video entertainment in a digital world learn more about this section under "digital"
If you are interested in learning more about us, please feel free to contact us at any time.