Evil Knows! - In the Name of Science


The Host: Call him funny. Call him crazy. Call him outrageous. But there is one thing you should never ever call him: boring!!! Evil Jared Hasselhoff is bassist for the band Bloodhound Gang, DJ, event entertainer, one of the craziest guys alive and...curious about everyday mysteries!
The Show: In Evil Knows!, Evil Jared Hasselhoff embarks on a search for significant (and sometimes not so significant) myths and phenomena from daily life, and gets to the bottom of them.

Each episode is comprised of seven different (more-or-less) scientific categories. During the main category, 'Evil Reveals', Evil explains and answers some of life's questions with several spectacular experiments. In the category 'Shot Check', he sends his team out to find the true stories behind odd pictures or videos from the internet. 'Human Heroes' visits extraordinary personalities from all over the world, while in the 'Unbreakable' category, Evil tests whether products actually live up to their producer's claim of being unbreakable. 'Gold from Shit' tells various unbelievable success stories of people who are very creative in earning their living, and some who even literally make their money from shit. The category 'Evil Giants' particularly excites our host, as he can test the biggest 'toys' the man's world has to offer. And finally, in 'Fast and the Furious' Evil takes his high-speed camera and presents what is usually hidden to the human eye. Unfortunately for Evil, some of the categories involve him doing things a normal human being would never want to.
Evil Knows! is funny, crazy, maybe even outrageous, but it is definitely entertainment at its best for any male-oriented TV broadcaster.


Documentary Sub-Genre

Pop Science

Production Company

Maximus Film

Year of Production



6 x 60min in HD