Giant Constructions - The World's Most Spectacular Bridges


Amongst the most epic structures to be found on this planet, they are the giants: The world's most spectacular bridges! These technical masterpieces have become more and more complex and impressive, meaning that those who design and build them are repeatedly trumping their contemporaries.

This documentary series presents an unusual view of the most breathtaking bridge structures ever built by man. It shows the sheer cruelty, and inhumane efforts which fuelled the construction and design of each of these individual giants. It casts a glance behind the scenes and shows how much effort is required on a daily basis to maintain these unique structures.
Thanks to its immense diversity, its stunning picture language and iconic CGI, this five-part series is an outstanding work. Each episode focuses on a different bridge type and presents several 'giants' in different parts of the world.
From the longest bridge in the world, to adventurous railway bridge constructions, to bridges built at dizzying heights, 'Giant Constructions' paints a comprehensive picture of the most spectacular bridges on the planet.


Documentary Sub-Genre

Science & Engineering

Production Company

Maximus Film

Year of Production



5 x 60min in HD

Featured Bridges

Railway Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Road Bridges, Moving Bridges, Steel Bridges